Are Binary Options a Scam? Not!

It is important to be attentive, decisive and also it is requires a small investment earning money with the help of binary options.

If you make a good deal your profit will grow day after day. To do this you need to find an experienced person who controls it.


A binary option is a contract within a particular exchange that is used to generate income in the movements of the value of assets (currencies, stocks, commodities) in global economic markets. The participant during the purchase period makes his forecasts for a certain time of change in the value of the asset. This economic mechanism has a fixed price, a previously known expiration time and the amount of possible income. To increase profits and simplify the trading process, experienced traders use trading strategies and signals that increase the chances of a successful outcome of the transaction and maximize financial returns.

How to make money on binary options?

First of all, the use of binary options is the probability of getting income by trading in different markets of the world, through a broker. The point is not to acquire an asset (stock, currency, goods), but to purchase a special contract with a specific expiration date. All actions are performed via the Internet. 

There are a number of types of binary options (derivatives): 

– 60 seconds. It is a kind of conventional option, with an expiration date* one minute. It’s a fairly well-known type of option from among scalpers* and short-term traders*. 
This type is not recommended for beginners due to the high degree of unpredictability. 

  • Expiration. Is ending of the contract (option) duration period. 
  • Scalper. A person working on small changes in the value of the asset, trying to earn extra money on any price change. 
  • Day trader. A person who conducts trading transactions on the exchange usually at a certain time (mainly from one day to three days). 
  • Digital option. A traditional type of derivative that involves the formation of monitoring where the price will be: higher or lower than the current level in a specific time period. 
  • One touch. The option is characterized by a fairly high degree of profitability (about four hundred percent).
  • Range. The principle of operation is simple, whether the price remains within a certain range or not. If it remains – the trader  receives his income.

Complex binary options:

– Options Builder. It allows you to fix the ratio of profit/loss;
– Pro Options. It assumes a highly professional type of options, which gives the trader the chance to exit the market at any required time, regardless of the time of expiration.
It is an excellent tool when applying a position hedging strategy.

Is it worth trying to trade binary options?

It is certainly. However, first you need to understand the basic features of trading.
1. Trade is hard. So many times this has already been said. However, this is one of the basic laws and it is not necessary to lose sight of it. Do not trust those who say that trading is easy. If you ask yourself whether it worth trading binary options, you should assume that it is easy only to make transactions. But in order for them to constantly bring income, you will need to work seriously. 
2. The risks are constantly high. No matter how experienced the trader is, he will not be able to protect himself from risks. So what can we say about beginners? We must understand that it won’t be possible to avoid the losses. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to earn here.  The main goal is to make more profitable deals to cover losses and get income.

 3. You cannot trade without losses. Unprofitable operations – this is a normal process. The main thing is that profitable contracts cover losses and bring profit. You shouldn’t be nervous but be focused on strict adherence to the strategy. Do not need to rush to recoup after an unsuccessful series. Additionally, you do not have to indulge in the euphoria.

How much can you earn on binary options?

First of all, everyone who dreams to earn extra money must know a number of important concepts: binary option, broker, trader, asset, market movements, which can be ascending and descending. After the market analysis is completed, if the investor’s forecast is accurate, he acquires the selected contract that reduces or increases the value of the asset. 
And it does not cease to implement it until the end of the term of the option contract. And how much do you get on binary options? If the forecast is, the income will be approximately 60% of the initial Deposit amount. If the forecast is not successful, the trader loses 80-85% of the initial Deposit, and the remaining 20-15% will return to the user’s account. Of course, brokers are also people and do not work for nothing. The service takes 15% of various investments. All types of binary options appeared as a result of problems in attracting new users. In this regard, brokers provide a package of services and make concessions. A binary options trading is quite limited, that is, the client predicts a decrease or increase in the value of the asset in a particular period.

Are binary options a Scam?

binary options scam

You can safely make money, because binary options are not a fraud and completely legal. At the moment, there are no schemes of dishonest profit on such exchanges. In turn, they also adhere to the rules and pay the participants all the money earned. 

Who is a broker and how to choose it?

A broker is considered the connecting link between the seller and the buyer of the currency or any of the securities. He receives his own income from the Commission money coming after the registration of each operation related to the purchase/sale of assets. 
The activity of the broker is to ensure that it acquires and sells certain assets on the orders of its buyer. In addition, the functions of such an intermediary can be successfully carried out by a variety of investment firms and banks. And, as a rule, the first give their own customers a full range of services related to brokerage and consulting services, Depository and dealer activities, etc. 

To get to the foreign exchange market, you will certainly need to choose a suitable broker, sign a certain agreement with him, and then transfer a certain amount of funds to his account. In addition to the basic functions, intermediaries can provide traders with a workplace for trading, which is equipped with everything necessary. There is also a service of providing brokerage leverage, implying the issuance of a Deposit of credit funds to the trader. 
Choosing a broker, first of all you need to pay attention to the feedback about it. Thanks to them, it is possible to weed out more unscrupulous intermediaries at the first stage of the search, thereby narrowing the list of possible options. Then you will need to know the history of the intermediary you are interested in. Find out about the number of clients he has and how long he has been working in this field, how often he has had order failures, etc. In addition, you should find out everything related to the terms of trade, directing interest to a set of trading tools. If necessary, you can even visit the office of a certain broker.

What is a trader?

The emergence of economic markets has led to the emergence of a new specialty called “trader”. Trader (eng. trader) is a member of the financial market, which conducts purchase and sale operations with a single purpose: to attract income. He conducts trade either with the use of personal money, or being a Trustee of his buyer (investor).
The trader’s job is to perform trading operations, the task of which is to generate income. It sells or acquires securities, currencies, bonds and shares. The trader should examine the incoming information very carefully, as well as have the ability to react to the changes in a timely manner. In addition, discipline is considered an important factor in the well-being of the acquisition and implementation operations. 
Professional traders include those who have received proper financial and/or economic education, as well as employees of investment funds, analytical centers, banks and brokerage companies. In addition, there are traders-professionals that carry out trade in their own assets, thus making a good living.
Amateur traders are a more numerous and diverse category. A group of these people has a different level of education, beliefs and range of interests, but they clearly have an interest in trading in economic markets. As a rule, trading in economic markets is only a hobby for such traders, and not the main type of work. But most of the fans, having received the necessary practice and knowledge, will retrain into high-class traders and enter the world of finance for a long time.

Advantages of binary options

  • The probability of maximum fast trading and personal timing. To determine such a short time is possible only in binary options and “turbo options». This is practical if you need to get income urgently. However, we should not forget that the faster and more profitable the operation, the less chance to calculate its result. 
  • High profitability. This mechanism gives an income of up to 85%. This is a very high profit by the standards of various exchanges. 
  • Risk control. 
  • The ability to perform minimal investment. Only in the system of short-term binary options you can bet less than a dollar, to increase or decrease the rate.
  • Small bets. It can also be a disadvantage.  Anyone can start using the platform, even without any knowledge in the industry. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to start your own way of investor or trader. On the other hand, a beginner deepened into the auction, can simply lose a full deposit. You need to ask for support from more experienced users.

Cons of binary options

  • The randomness of the course. For example, to determine the jumps in the value of the monetary unit by ten thousandths of a percent in thirty seconds, it is not reliably established. 
  • Turbo mode is non-profit at a distance. 30-seconds and fleeting operations, which certain platforms of B. O. offer, will not provide steady earnings (especially if you use the methods of playing in the casino, with doubling the rate, etc.). This is almost always the loss of the deposit. Turbo trading is possible, but it should be understood that it is only in certain cases. 
  • Place to Scam. You should always choose a proven, certified platform for sales and do not trust the advertisements of ultra-reliable strategies from strangers.

As you can see binary options are quite honest earnings. Before start earning with the help of binary options you should believe in yourself and not afraid of losses. If you have a little patience the profit will be in your pocket.


Trade or not to trade binary options is up to you. I can only give you detailed information about this tool and show that you can make money on binary options. 
Do not expect quick results — be sober! For everything that is worthwhile in life you have to pay with your time, effort and diligence.
And if you are not ready — it is better not to start, the result will be predictable.