Olymp Trade Bonus

The Olymp Trade trading Platform gives customers a unique bonus. For example, the vast majority of sites, put conditions in the form of wagering bonus and do not allow to withdraw funds until a certain point, there are no such restrictions here. After receiving a bonus from Olymp Trade, you do not need to worry, this allowance does not affect trading or withdrawals. At any time, you can withdraw your earned money without worrying about wagering a certain amount, or the number of bets required. The company has several types of incentives, the largest reaches one hundred percent of the deposited funds. 


This is an important information update.
There is also up to 50% bonus. The bigger your deposit, the bigger your bonus. Works by registration via the link below. Promotion code “BONUSONPAY”.


Today Olymp Trade Bonus Promotion:


BONUS 30% “binop30”

Validity period: 05/11/2019 – 31/12/2020


BONUS 30% “boy30”

Validity period: 22/11/2019 – 31/12/2020


BONUS 30% “rimba30”

Validity period: 09/01/2020 – 31/03/2023



Validity period: 14/02/2020 – 31/01/2021



Validity period: 14/02/2020 – 31/01/2021



Validity period:  19.06 ?????

Min deposit: ????



Validity period:  ????? SECRET BONUS

Min deposit: ????

You can get this bonus codes for Olymp Trade.

 There are two ways to get a 100% bonus from Olymp Trade:
From time to time, the company holds a promo codes promotion, when you enter that, you can get a certain percentage on a real account, but such shares are not often. They are usually valid for a few days. 
 Register through the page with the current promotion (You can do this, even if you have already registered on the platform Olymp Trade — below there will be more detailed instructions on how to legally implement it).

Bonus page — by registering through this form You have one hour to act the reload bonus. 
 Making a deposit of $10, $50 or $100, you will receive an equivalent amount in addition to your account, to be more precise 100%. (the bonus will work only if you log in from a computer) If you want to get a bonus that exceeds $1000, then read the instructions, which I will publish below. 
 Next, this article will be devoted exclusively to second method. Since a trader who wants to receive +100% to a Deposit from Olymp Trade in a short time, there is no point in expecting a promo code promotion. After all, it can last up to two months, and you need to earn money now.

Variants of getting 100% Olymp Trade bonus

Further in the article we will consider the variants which will help you learn what steps you need to take to get the above bonus. All of them are presented for different replenishment amounts. However, before you start, I’ll tell you what to do when you have already had an account in Olymp Trade, but still want to get a bonus.
 You need to do the following in order to avoid problems with the platform:
 — If you want to block the current account ( you are done with options or decided to trade in another currency) write to technical support. Usually technical support is ready to a meet and your account is deleted within 5 minutes. Special bonus page. 
 — Now you need to be registered and open an account. To do this, go to the private tab, depending on the browser you use regularly. For those who do not know this function, I specifically recorded a video where everything is clearly shown, and it takes just a few seconds (video is below).
 When you open a private window, you can pass to the execution of the instructions.

How to get 100% Olymp Trade bonus

INSTRUCTION NUMBER ONE: If your first Deposit is up to $1000. Go to this link, (Olymp Trade bonus will work only if you use the computer) move the mouse cursor to close the page, but do not close it. In a second this window will appear:

Fill out the registration form, the whole procedure will take no more than five minutes. 
 In your account, go to the “Replenishment” section, where a 60 minutes timer will appear, it is the period for that you need to replenish your account by $10, $50 or $100. After that you will get the same amount on your balance. It is not possible to cash out this money, but you can trade with your own and bonus money, anything that you trade on the bonus, you can cash out. If you are a beginner and do not know how to trade, look at the tutorials this will take quite a little time, and you will be able to earn your first money in an hour.

When registering, you need to specify the e-mail which you have not previously registered in Olymp Trade. If the company sees that this mail was previously registered account, it simply does not offer a bonus. You may not change full name, phone number and payment requests, it may be useful and the trading platform doesn’t pay attention to it when issuing a bonus.

INSTRUCTION number TWO: If you want to get a bonus of + 100% in the amount of more than $1000, then use this method:
 Act the same way as mentioned in the instruction number one but make a minimum deposit amount of $10 and refuse the bonus. Now you need to lose these $10 until the moment when there’s nothing left in your account. After that go to the “Deposit” section and there will be an option with a bonus of one hundred percent to absolutely any amount of replenishment. It will be valid only for one hour. For example, if your deposit is $200, then you will be charged on top of another $200, which will not affect the withdrawal. Let me remind you, this offer will be available only after the loss of $10.

Additional bonus 

The trader who replenished the account in the amount of $1000 receives VIP-status (you can read more about the VIP-statue here). In short, VIP traders have an increased percentage of profit from transactions up to 90% and withdrawal takes 15 minutes. But how do we get VIP-status, if there is no $1000?

If you have the opportunity to make a deposit of only $1000, you can try to get a VIP, as well as a bonus of +100%. Here, it is necessary to act as described in the second method, but there is one caveat that must be done before making a Deposit of $10. Below, I’ll write it down.

1. Write to technical support that you want to get a VIP, but you have only $1000. 
 2. Write with a hint of your wish to trade only with VIP status, otherwise you will go to a more compliant company.

3.The Manager, in most cases, makes compromises, but will begin to bargain and offer VIP-status with the condition of replenishment of $1000. 
 4. If the Manager refuses, say that you want to talk to the Manager for VIP clients. 
 When he gets in touch with you, tell him all the same as the previous Manager. In 95 percent of cases, you will be given VIP-status for $1000, and you will get +100% to the deposit. Agree that such conditions are quite favorable.

Summing up the Olymp Trade bonus article

I hope the information I described in this article was useful for you, and you have found answers to all your questions. It’s time to take stock. 
 First of all, the main thing is that you can always count on and get 100% Olymp Trade bonus. For this you only need to replenish your account by $50 and above. Agree, in our time it is not a significant amount to enter into a profitable business. If you are not a beginner and are ready to earn serious amounts, now you know how to get VIP status and double your Deposit. It is important to re-read this article in order not to miss anything before proceeding to the bonus. Above, I left a link to the training lessons for beginners, if you think that trading is difficult, then after watching a few video, you will understand that even a schoolboy and a pensioner will cope with this. The main thing you need to remember that you will succeed when trading with a cooler head.