Olymp Trade Review – DISCLOSURE

To be a trader is a hard work that generates high profits with the correct approach. A proper learning, skill, analytical abilities, understanding the principles of trade, and of course, a reliable broker are very important things for trader. Finding a reliable platform for trading in the financial markets is not so easy, but it is possible. One of these trading platforms is Olymp Trade.

About the Olymp Trade company

First, the Olymp Trade Company appeared in the options market in 2014. A few years later, the name of the trading platform became popular among experienced traders. Traders share experience at specialized forums leaving comments containing useful information about the Olymp Trade system. The number of clients of the company began to grow rapidly. According to the latest data, the number of traders registered on the platform exceeded 65 000 000.
The number of traders is constantly increasing. Every day the platform is used for trading by more than 25 000 people. These are both professional traders who have been trading in the foreign exchange market for years, and beginners who only learn the basics of this type of earnings. Anyone can be a client of Olymp Trade: an entrepreneur or an employee, a student or a pensioner, a factory worker or an office clerk.
The main things are quality training and applying skills with maximum efficiency. Market trading professionals are happy to share their discoveries and achievements with beginners on the forums, as well as leave feedback about the work on the platform. Reviews about Olymp Trade will help the beginner to understand what direction he should move on, what tools to use and to learn how to minimize risks, but benefit from each transaction.

If you look at the statistics you can see the volume of payments is continuously increasing along with the growth of customers. On average, the monthly increase is about 7%. The number of transactions for the month approached 36 476 772, with a turnover of over $171 236 104. It is worth noting that the system is much improved that payments are made as soon as possible. A trader can request a withdrawal of earned funds at any time: day or night, weekdays, weekends or holidays. The application will be processed quickly, regardless of the time and day of submission.

Since the founding of the Olymp Trade to this day, it has been successfully developing, offering traders only high-quality products. The motto and the main goal of the company’s specialists are to improve the old and create something fundamentally new, useful and relevant. The Olymp Trade trading platform is maximally adapted to the requirements of the modern trader. Both professional and beginner can use the platform for productive work.

Various indicators of technical analysis are available to the user, allowing the trader to make an accurate forecast regarding the further movement of the price. In addition, according to the program Olymp Trade, the company’s specialists conduct regular webinars, streams, live chats. Professional trading training is available to clients. A beginner can try his hand at a virtual account. When skills are honed he will be able to start real trading by opening his own account.

Olymp Trade: security guarantees

The Olymp Trade Company managed to win the trust of traders over the years of successful work. Today, Olymp Trade is an online investment platform of “A” category of the International Financial Commission. It should be noted that membership in the Financial Commission testifies to the reliability of the trading platform. Only honest companies that have passed inspection and have a clean reputation will be able to qualify for this status. Another guarantee of reliability is that each transaction’ s amount of insurance is $ 20,000.

Also, the honesty of the company’s work is evidenced by numerous Olymp Trade reviews left by customers who have previously registered and started trading in the foreign exchange market.
All these people are players who make transactions in real time and make a profit, with their successful closing. They chose trading as the main or additional source of income, registered in the system, opened an account, started working and now share their impressions of using a particular product. 
Over the years of productive work the company were given awards: 

In 2016:

  • “The fastest growing platform” (ShowFx World 2016)
  • “Best Options Broker” (KROUFR Awards 2016)
  • “Best Options Trading Platform” (Le Fonti 2016)

In 2017:

  • “Best Financial Broker” (CPA Life Awards 2017)
  • “Best Options Broker” (Forex Expo 2017)
  • “Innovative broker” (IAFT Awards 2017)

In 2018:

  • “Best Options Trading Platform” (Le Fonti 2018)
  • “Best Trading Platform 2018” (The Forex Awards)
  • “Best traders FB community in Thailand” (Traiders Fair 2018)

The company is constantly developing, improving the quality of the system and providing customers with comfortable conditions for a stable income.

Work on the Olymp Trade platform: modern service and rich functionality

The platform for the Olymp Trade operation is developed by experienced professionals, carefully thought out and improved. The decision to create own platform with the same name was made in order to timely respond to new situations in the stock market and provide traders with the opportunity to maximize the benefits of any change in the exchange rate.
The new platform was certified by the Financial Commission in 2016 and approved by experts. Olymp Trade reviews are mostly positive, indicating the usability of the product. The client, who decides to use the platform for trading, gets the opportunity to work with currency, cryptocurrency, stocks, precious metals, raw materials, indices. Options are traded: classic and turbo options. Today, the platform is successfully used by traders from around the world, including CIS, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. The platform has six technical indicators, two separate technical analysis modules, and an economic calendar. 
The player can determine the current trends using the “people’s signal” indicator. The application is developed for mobile devices.

Olymp Trade Bonus Program

Cooperation with the company Olymp Trade gives the trader a lot of advantages. This includes not only the reliability of the platform and comfortable conditions for trading, a variety of tools for technical analysis, but also gifts, all kinds of bonus programs, contests and promotions.

Bonus programs:

  • first Deposit bonus;
  • Deposit bonus;

After account registration and replenishment of the trading account in the amount of more than$ 29, the following bonuses are available for the player:

– Deposit 30-99$ – a 10% bonus of the replenishment amount;
– Deposit 100-299$ – a 20% bonus of the replenishment amount;
– Deposit 300-4999$ – a 30% bonus of the amount; 
– Deposit of $5000 and more – 50% of amount. 

Promotions and contests are held quite often, which allows not only to increase the income of traders, but also to diversify the process, to make additional motivation for active work.

Also if you register via this link you can get 100% BONUS on first deposit.

Olymp Trade: trades training

The trading platform is actively working to train beginners. Only professionals deal with this issue, not just theorists who are familiar with statistical information, the basics of trade, working strategies and indicators, namely practitioners, daily hone their skills. This approach will allow the trainees to stay informed and to convey only relevant information to the trader, to introduce the main trends, to share the secrets of successful trading. The results of such training can be judged by reading Olymp Trade reviews on thematic resources.

Various forms of training are available:

  1. Courses. This is the most relevant type of training that allows you to effectively combine theory with practical trading on a virtual account.
    Only three courses are conducted. The first course introduces beginner to the basics of trading in the foreign exchange market. Here is explained the meaning of the terms, examines the basic strategies, basic concepts trading, options and so on.
    The second course teaches trader analytics, working with news resources. The third course teaches using the acquired skills.
    Here you can study strategies, summarize the information, provide experience. Olymp Trade reviews show that it is full – time courses that allow you to become a professional.
  2. Video lesson. Here anyone is invited to undergo training with the provision of relevant information in a convenient format – video. This lesson is different in that there is no need to visit the training center. The difference of this lesson is that you need not to visit the training center. You can learn at a convenient time, being directly at home. The loss-making and winning solutions to specific problems will be demonstrated to traders, the most common mistakes of beginners will be described and of course trader will be acquainted with the basics of work. Different levels of training are available for traders with different degrees of training. Olymp Trade reviews reflect the true attitude of customers to this way of learning. Many are happy to convenient format.
  3. Webinars. Webinar is a kind of master class from a professional in his field. Here classes are conducted in real time, online. The main role is for speaker here, he can diversify the lesson at his direction, he can add examples from personal practice, etc. Students can contact the speaker via chat, ask questions on the topic. Another advantage is the ability to record a webinar and view it in the future. After all, not everyone will remember and learn the information from the first time. After all, not everyone will remember and learn the information from the first time. Feedback from traders indicates the high popularity of webinars among traders who want to improve their trading skills.

Before you choose the most attractive type of training, read customer reviews. Also, all the information about the training programs and the cost can be found in the specialists of the company, reviews of which we will consider below.

Olymp Trade: platform user reviews

Look at the reviews about Olymp Trade posted on various resources, including thematic forums, chats, feedback, etc. and you can see that the opinions of users converge on one thing – the platform is a reliable partner in the financial market. Many beginners try to start trading without having knowledge of the principles of the system and the rules in force in this area. It is not necessary to talk about analytics and choosing a suitable strategy. The actions of such a player are spontaneous, often justified by the emotional component, despite the fact that the process should be approached with a cool head. There’s no point to enter the market without a proper theoretical base and practical training. Trading-a job that requires time and using physical (mental) capacities, and full training.