How to come up with a killer innovative idea from scratch?

Innovative ideas can enable us to go beyond generally accepted solutions and find solutions that are truly effective and even revolutionary in some aspects. And you can learn how to generate them.

If you are interested, here are some pieces of advice for those who want to pave the way for a better future in every sphere of life.

1. Open up to new things

A rich diversity of information surrounds us, and it can help you create something new. Browse incoming advertisements, note up-to-date tendencies on the market. Read any newspapers, magazines and even flyers. And then, try to answer the question “What benefit can I gain from that?”

2. Establish a minimum number of ideas you would have to come up with per day

For example, you will have to generate two new ideas per day. Of course, some of them will be silly and already-existing, but at least a few of them will undoubtedly be worth adopting, and they will bring you success.

Even if you initially have to rack your brains about new ideas, then thoughts will come into your head on their own, generating more and more ideas.

3. Feel free to experiment with everything you can get your hands on

At first, this exercise will seem stupid, but then you will get the picture.

Thinking up non-standard ways of applying familiar things, you will train your mind and make it more flexible.

Take any household item or daily necessity and try to come up with unusual ways of using it. Training in this manner every day, you will soon notice that great ideas won’t be long in coming.

4. Search for meaning in meaningless things

Psychologists claim that the development of creativity requires the ability to see meaning even in pointless things.

For example, you can take 10 random words that came to your mind and attempt to form a sentence that makes sense. You can repeat this exercise as much as you want.

5. Keep a journal of new ideas

Take notes of emerging ideas. After a while, you will definitely see the link between the ideas written down in your notebook and the daily concerns of surrounding people.

6. Solve puzzles

It’s worth mentioning that solving different puzzles does a great job of sharpening your mind and helps to think out of the box. That’s why it wouldn’t hurt to solve various puzzles and riddles.

7. Share your ideas with others

Sharing ideas will let you hear other people’s views on them, which often come in handy. People who hear of something for the first time provide valuable and unexpected advice and guidance on how to improve your ideas.

8. Follow different routes every day

Sometimes to create something new, you just need fresh eyes on the case, so changing the route to work and home may give you some ideas. New surroundings will make your brain analyze information in a new way.

9. Simplify complex things

For some reason, many manufacturers believe that the more features their product has, the broader their target audience will be, but normally a large number of functions deters potential buyers.

That’s why in most cases it’s enough to simplify a product and make it more specific in order to get an in-demand thing.

10. Explore all possible ways to address the problem

You came up with a way to solve a problem, but then you found out that your solutionhad already been commercially implemented? Don’t despair and don’t switch to something new – try to find another solution to the problem.

Maybe your new way to address the same problem will prove to be simpler, cheaper and clearer.