Top 10 of the best cryptocurrency exchanges

We tried to create a rating of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing on the Internet day by day. With the advent of bitcoin investors began to think that it is possible to earn a lot at once. If you invest money you will get a significant profit. So, why do not do with this kind of investment?

The rise in prices for cryptocurrency is enormous. Let’s take a bitcoin once again as an example. In 2009 the price for 1 bitcoin was no more than $ 1, today — more than $3,600. If someone invested in bitcoins several years ago, he could have become a millionaire.

Taking into account the factor mentioned above, concerning the price of cryptocurrency, we tried to create a rating of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Now everyone has a great opportunity to earn good money online.

1. Binance

Binance is one of the most promising cryptocurrency exchanges in China! It is an international platform. It has already been translated into many languages (including Russian). It positions itself as a project with instant execution of transactions.

The Binance exchange started operating in 2017 (in spring). It managed to succeed quickly due to aggressive marketing policy. The owners of the site raised investors ‘ money on their ICO thanks to crowdfunding. One of the main advantages is digital token Binance Coin. The exchange token entered the top 50 today by capitalization. There are about more than 0.5 billion US dollars of this cryptocurrency on the market.

Types of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Gold;
  •  Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Dash;
  • Ark;
  • NEO;
  • Ethereum Classic.

You may see the full list on the official website (about 40 types of altcoins in total).

Advantages of Binance cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Fixed Commission-0.1%;
  • High liquidity;
  • Optional verification process;
  • A convenient tool for both beginners and professionals;
  • Stable operation of the system is able to keep a huge load in the form of numerous transactions;
  • Large selection of trading pairs to work with;
  • The presence of a referral program.


This is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2013. First, the programmers have implemented a cloud mining provider. In 2015 the platform was reclassified as a platform for cryptocurrency exchange/trading. Now CEX.IO exchange is a platform where everyone can exchange bitcoin for any fiat currency. An additional opportunity is trading digital coins on the stock exchange. It is registered in London. The main goal is to obtain a license and start cooperation with a reliable financial regulator. Clients may do not worry about their finances.


  • leverage size: 1:2 to 1: 3;
  • full negative balance protection;
  • cross-platform.

CEX.IO is one of the variants for cryptocurrency trading.

4. Kucoin

This is a very young project, which started in 2017 (September 15). The owners of the company have serious ambitions. Kucoin exchange aims to do the same thing as Binance.
The main Kucoin feature is full focus for client.
The programmers of the company are the employees of the Ant Financial project. We should also mention the technical equipment of the trading platform, which is already ready to perform more than 1 million orders per second without any problems. The programmers took into account the future load and they carry out a serious marketing policy in order to attract the maximum number of users. On the cryptocurrency Kucoin exchange you can always find some promotions and bonuses.

The exchange has been operating for only a few months, but today it has a turnover of several tens of millions US dollars.
The exchange offers token – Kucoin.

Altcoins on the exchange:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Kucoin;
  • NEO;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Bitcoin Gold;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Dash;
  • Litecoin.

The full list of altcoins you may see on the official website.
In 2018, the cryptocurrency Kucoin exchange is going to be updated. The size of the issue is 181 million coins. The current capitalization exceeds 2 billion US dollars.

Advantages of Kucoin:
-One of the largest exchanges in the world;
-Own national token Kucoin;
-Transaction fee-0.1%;
-Promotions and bonuses;
-Many kinds of coins to work;
-The exchange has no verification.


A company registered in the UK. This is one of the most popular and frequently used sites. Central focus: digital money trading.

Start of the project’s work is in 2013. The founder-Ivan Petukhovsky (he is also the founder of the project). The specialist is from Russia. At the time, he tried to invest money in cryptocurrency, but there were practically no actual projects in the territory of the Russian Federation.

IMPORTANT: EXMO cryptocurrency exchange provides any volume of purchase/sale of digital coins without problems. At the same time, investors can count on a minimum commission.

How does exchange work?  

The commission for the transaction is standard-0.02%. At the moment, 29 currency pairs are available (hryvnia, ruble, dollar and Euro are present). Every month the administration tries to add new currency pairs. A separate focus is on updates (programmers are trying to create better products, update the interface and add new tools to work).

Advantages of EXMO:

-Fast money transfer;

-Easy management of stock exchange;

– Promptly performs all operations required by investors.

EXMO is the largest platform for cryptocurrency trading. For years of the work it managed to receive serious “stream” of clients. The scale of the project is growing, and the administration is trying to improve the quality of its services through stable updates and the introduction of new financial instruments.

6. LocalBitcoins

Start date-2012. Finnish company which aims to bring Bitcoin to a new level in the global economy. Programmers focus on the work where such banking system is missing.

Every customer of LocalBitcoins can be 100% sure of the full security of their money. No political or economic situation can affect the work of clients. There are almost no risks of capital loss. For the first time the domain of LocalBitcoins was registered in 2012. Nikolaus Kangas is the director general (specialist in Economics and marketing). Today he focuses on the development of the project through social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

There is no certain orientation of the company to a certain segment of the market as Nikolaus Kangas tries to make the project available worldwide. LocalBitcoins supports purchasing/selling Bitcoins for Fiat currency.

Advantages of LocalBitcoins exchange:

  • Wide range of payment options;
  • Good experience with cryptocurrency (since 2012);
  • Large trading volume.

7. Yobit

This is another exchange of cryptocurrencies. It started to work in 2014. Customers have more than 900 pairs of cryptocurrencies under development. Programmers have focused on attractive design, good functionality and low commission.

Comparing the volume of trading with the larger “players” of the market, it is minimal. In any case, Russian-speaking users will find here a lot of useful.


  • Lots of pairs to trade;
  • Minimum Deposit/withdrawal fees;
  • There is everything for Russian-speaking users (support, payment systems);
  • Existence of ruble;
  • Convenient, simple, high-quality interface.

Have you got an interest in cryptocurrency trading? Yobit is one of the variants to start.


This is an exchange that allows you to exchange different types of electronic money (non-Fiat and Fiat) and cryptocurrency. It offers a wide range of financial instruments for trading. Every professional trader will appreciate the quality of the exchange. “Platform” becomes attractive for beginners because it’s easy-to-understand.
Almost any cryptocurrency is possible: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and others.

9. LocalTrade

This is one of the “young” cryptocurrency exchanges. The main task is to ensure free transactions with the help of cryptocurrency: exchange, buy/sell.
All exchange operations can also be carried out with the help of electronic currency: ruble, bitcoin, yuan, dollar and so on).
LocalTrade is only beginning to develop new markets and excellent conditions are created for each trader.
Advantages: a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as ample opportunities for exchange/transfer of money.

IMPORTANT: cloud mining is one of the functions of the exchange, which leads the market in terms of productivity and speed. Each user has the ability of “mining” digital coins and it should not spend 24 hours infront of a computer. Accrual of coins from mining happens every day (0.65% of the investment). Commission-0.15% of the total amount.

8. DSX

The first cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. Experience – more than 2 years. It is under the control of the ePayments company (got license).You can start with a demo account.

Every new DSX client gets an opportunity to take part in the promotion: he will not pay any commission from the profit in the first month. In addition, if the client leads another user by his / her link, he / she receives an additional month of free commission. Tools: BTC/USD, BTC/Euro and Dollar/dollar and Dollar/Euro, LTC/BTC.

10. Livecoin

This is the second most popular exchange cryptocurrency. There are about 200 pairs for exchange/trade today. Investors call it the “platform of the future”. The developers managed to collect all the most popular cryptocurrencies in one project: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and so on.

Toolkit for trade makes every investor to go here. Let’s distinguish the following advantages of the cryptocurrency exchange Litecoin:

  1. Convenient and simple exchange for cryptocurrency trading (even beginners will understand it without problems);
  2. Full protection of funds;
  3. Replenishment of funds is possible with the help of any cryptocurrency that is traded in the system (many deposits are without a FEE, but not all);
  4. Commission on other pairs: from 0.02% to 0.2%;
  5. There is no need to pass the verification of the trading account in case of a small funds turnover (up to$500).

Litecoin is a very promising project for investors. If anyone thinks about investing in cryptocurrency (any type of digital coins), you should try it. The terms of collaboration are favourable.

We have noted the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, which are in great demand in the market.
Now everyone who wants to invest in bitcoins, will be able to choose the best platform.