History of bonus-hunters

How did bonus-hunters appear? As a rule, “cheat”tries to find a new casino, and then register in it. The pioneers in this area were the representatives of the Danish kingdom, which with the help of the Internet, captivate virtual casinos, twisting free money from them. Clubs of gamblers began to appear in the country, as well, more and more sites appear, with”fresh”information about the best bonuses and new online casinos. I do not know how many dollars were left in pockets of the Danes, but I talked to one of them, he said that, he went around more than 100 gambling establishments at that time! Now, multiply this number, for example, on a hundred bucks and get a number that can be compared with the salary year of the average citizen in Europe.

But, of course, this situation will not last for a long time gambling houses suffered huge losses, especially as the”fever”began to appear below Denmark. What measures have casinos assumed? Measures have been taken very different. Some prefer to close their doors to all Danish players, while others have limited the Danes in bonuses. Third casinos increased the demand of a wager. Fourth introduced cunning bonuses that can not be removed, you can only play on it. Fifth establishments prohibited all bets without risk (for example, bets red and black color at the same time). Sixth one imposed a ban for taking game wager with small advantage of a gambling establishment (this is blackjack and videopoker). And seventh, the most cunning, armed with several methods. As a result, to the present time there are practically no gambling houses, which would have been a target for a bonus hunter. Now it is a good luck to find a casino that offers not a”sticky bonus”with twenty bonus times wager, but a casino, where you can recoup a bonus in video poker or blackjack, but there is less and less of such casinos.