8 ways to make your day productive

Get enough sleep

Sticking point. I write this text being sleepy, and I have to concentrate harder and pronounce every word out loud, so as not to lose the logic of the article. Go to bed on time, choose a comfortable time to get up and adjust the gadgets night mode, so as not to interrupt sleep.

Spend morning as you wish

Morning is the seed of day. If you spend the morning in silence and in harmony with yourself, the day will be good. Take the time to make coffee, not instant coffee. Turn on your favorite TV series instead of social network. Meditate listening to the sounds of a singing bowl. If the weather is nice you may have breakfast in the park on the way to work.

Take 10-15 minute breaks

You can’t be equally productive for 8 straight hours. Doing the impossible you can exhaust forces and have risk to miss meal time, make a mistake and also it can compromise the health.
Take a rule to do 10-15-minute breaks once an hour. Get up, look through the window, take a walk or chat with colleagues. It seems almost unreal. But think of your colleagues who smoke. If they can stop working and smoke
you also have the right to be rest a little.

Don’t eat at work

If I dine outside the home, I notice people keep on looking in the phone or laptop while eating. This is bad for several reasons. You are depriving yourself of pleasure. Looking through sites you can’t fully enjoy meal. You risk overeating. It is bad both for health and productivity.
You’re not resting. Viewing social networks compulsively reduces anxiety, but does not bring a sense of relaxation. During lunch, focus on the food. If you can’t eat without “support”, take a colleague, listen to the music over headphones or watch TV series. But try eating for at least five minutes, focusing on the food and then turning on something distracting.

Make a schedule

Our day is full of little things. And it’s impossible to keep everything in mind. The brain is able to focus on +/-7 objects simultaneously. As a result, by the end of the day we remember that we forgot about something important.
Try at the beginning of the day to spend half an hour on scheduling. Write down everything you want to do today. If you have business scheduled for a specific time, set up alerts in Google calendar or another scheduler.

Do not return e-mail

Most of the books on coaching and performance recommend replying to your work email right away. I strongly disagree with this recommendation.
Mail and instant messenger are distracting. Arbitrary attention is -/+20 minutes. In 20 minutes you can focus on the work. Mail and messengers are stealing this opportunity. People get used to write to you all the time. And you respond them. It means that you have nothing to do. You will not miss anything important. Important is marked “urgent” in the subject line. About the really urgent stuff, you will be notified by a call rather than a letter. It is better to keep the phone in silent mode during working hours, and open the mail tab at the scheduled time.


At least once a day go for a walk. Even 15 minutes will raise energy. A short walk will make the day more productive. At some moment you will realize that you are ready to walk more than half an hour. And you will also get more energy as a result.

Plan at least one pleasant thing for the evening

Dull evenings kill productivity. So, plan for the evening at least one pleasant activity. A meeting with a friend, a rewatching of your favorite movie, a new computer game (before the release of “Detroit: being human” left 3 days) or several pages of a new book. Make a list of these pleasant things and choose one for the evening every day.
I hope these simple tips will help you stay productive and feel better throughout the day.