How to Plan Your Life Properly, Tips for a More Productive Life

How to plan in order to have more time? What rules should one follow to avoid stress and dissatisfaction? This article will help you find out what to do to improve your productivity.

This article is for those who have trouble managing their time. Running late, being behind the deadlines, forgetting important events is a real struggle. What should you start with when planning your time?

– Buy a planner.
Don’t start your day until you make a to-do list for the next day. The list of things to do is an essential step toward your organized life.

– Set reminders.
If you have an important meeting, for example, just take your phone and make use of the reminder.
If you prefer technology to paper, then create a folder dedicated to your daily tasks.

How to make a to-do list?
You should write down tasks for the day in the evening or in the morning. Whatever suits you best.
Do not add more than 7 priority tasks for a day. If you add more, then there is a risk of getting burnt out.

– Go into details.
For instance, go grocery shopping and buy everything on the list. Write down the goods you need to buy. It will take much less time to grocery shop.

– Estimate the approximate time you need to get your tasks completed.
Write it down right after your tasks.

– Your to-do list should always be at hand. If you are a mother whose children take everything they see, then consider making copies of your list.

– Plan in advance.
It could be planning for the whole week. This way it will be easier to understand what tasks are urgent and what aren’t.

The main rules of planning for the day

– If you want to be productive it is essential to get up early. No matter whether you have to go to work today or not. Take care of your sleep schedule. To feel awake and energized, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours. Consider what time you need to go to bed to be able to wake up early the next day.

– Listen to your circadian rhythm. You are the only one who knows you best. What time of the day do you feel your best? If you are a night owl. Plan your tasks for the evening while the rest of the day could be dedicated to self-improvement, rest, or relationships.

– Do not put a lot of work into small and irrelevant tasks. The time spent and the end result should be equal.

– Try to simplify your life while planning. For example, if it takes a lot of time to clean up the house, maybe it is a better idea to hire a cleaning service. Another option could be throwing away all the clutter and organizing everything. This way you can cut down on cleaning.

– Identify your distractions. Perhaps, it is social media, phone calls, or daydreaming. Psychological factors play an important role as well. The fear of deadlines, difficulty, or the good old laziness.

What should you avoid doing to have more time?

– Watching TV. You can watch news or movies online without ad breaks. This will save you a lot of time.

– Restrict your social media time. Games, scrolling through an Instagram feed, watching videos on YouTube – a simple waste of time.

– Give up bad habits. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on smoking? Not only does it take your precious time but also health. Bad habits and success don’t go together very well.

– Learn to fight your laziness, unpunctuality, and disorganization. Set reminders on your phone, set an alarm beforehand to avoid running late. Set deadlines for every task.


If you want to learn how to plan your time and be the master of your own life have the will to make an effort. All it takes is perseverance and self-discipline. Planning should become your second nature. Make to-do lists, practice discipline, and organization skills. Proper planning is a way of self-improvement which will definitely change your life for the better. You will learn how to prioritize, set goals, and achieve them on time.