Magic of ordinary affairs

Do you know how? No pain, no gain. We were often told this – we learned it well. Improvements are not easy. Before getting something you need to work hard, learn something very necessary, climb a mountain and then jump off a cliff into the sea. It seems that you need to do something special, and everything will be fine. Try to get over yourself and overcome obstacles. It certainly can’t be easy… There is no such thing as free lunch.

And we are waiting for some challenges and tasks, and often create it themselves. The value of what is obtained is measured by complexity. Didn’t you work half to death? It doesn’t count! Simple things and actions become worthless. What if… Everything is simple. In the pursuit of happiness and peace we forget about simple things which our life is full of.

Before looking for complicated solutions and ways, it is worth looking at simple ones. These are daily life, health and so on. We can’t feel ourselves good without it even if everything is seemed to be normal. Try to go through these items. Check, maybe you do not have the magic of simple things.


How do I sleep? Maybe I sleep too long or too little. Is time of sleeping enough? Do I like when I go to bed and when I wake up? What do I see when I open my eyes? Maybe I should hang a nice picture in bedroom. Do I wake up rested? What is my place to sleep? Sometimes our sleep issues are solved by buying a new mattress, or replacing the curtains in the bedroom. Do I sometimes allow myself to stay in bed for a long time? Just because I want to.


When was the last time I had a really good meal? What food makes me feel light and what makes me feel heavy? What food is really nourishing? Do I eat what I want or what I need/ came to hand/ offered/ was in the refrigerator/ left after yesterday’s dinner? Do I indulge myself meal I made? What kind of food do I want right now: hot or cold, sweet or spicy, liquid or solid? Sometimes all problems with food are solved by contact with our needs and desires. And then the food is not only nourishing but it is heart’s delight.


Do I like what I wear? Who do I feel wearing these clothes? Is it pleasing to the eye or to the touch? Do you wear comfortable closing? Does my clothing help to understand who I really am? Sometimes the sense of self completely changes with good shoes on feet or wearing a nice sweater.


What things are around us? Am I happy to see these things? Do I have too many things around or a little? What things should I remove or add? Maybe should I move a coffee table? How can I make my home more cozy? Sometimes such things as a blanket that is on the sofa or a scent of jasmine in the atmosphere of your house create special comfort in the house.


What can make me happy? When did I look at the trees or the sunset last time? When did I hug a loved one? Maybe we should do it more often. What does help me to stay alive and feel better?
Sometimes it is a conversation with a close friend or watching a movie that touches to the deepest to the soul and causes tears. Sometimes we need simple, very simple things to feel alive. Friends, don’t forget about simple things.