Want to change life, but circumstances prevent. What to do?

Sometimes you want to change life, to leave a spouse, to start own business. To quit a job you don’t like. Move to another country. There are millions of posts, freelance blogs of people who have changed life. But what should we do when it’s not possible to change life due to objective reasons?
For example, you have two children and a mortgage. You can’t give up everything for freelancing in Europe. How can you get the dream?

Deal with the “little things”

To start your way to the goal you need to get rid of the ballast. There are things that do not bother, but in fact drain resources. It will become the first obstacle to reach the better life.

What about health?

Physical and mental health. Do you feel that you are losing nerves, your hands are trembling with anxiety all the time, and you have a tooth ache? Before changing jobs or planning goals, go to the dentist, psychologist, undergo a medical examination. It is better to resolve all issues before getting a credit to start business or before obtaining visa.
It is the same thing to mental health. Are you too tired? Do you agree with articles about depression? Is anxiety-the usual state? It won’t help you get the long-term goal. It is better to spend more time preparing for the journey than to give up in the middle of the road.

What about finance?

If you own money your friends, your children have nothing to wear it makes sense to prioritize these tasks. We do not ask you stop dreaming. But we carefully plan our trip and how much money we can spend on it. It is much easier to go to the goal having resources in your backpack but not debts. You need to create plan of solving debt problems. What time do you need to solve it? Then you find a good job.
Are you afraid of not getting a good job? Read the book of Lyudmila Sarycheva and Maxim Ilyakhov “New rules of business correspondence”. They teach you how to write resumes and cover letters. Or come to our course “a Job of dream “. We learn to create a financial cushion, to preserve emotional resources and check summary)

What about your house?

Follow the same principle as to the health. If faulty wiring, leaking pipes then in a few months all this will have to be changed.
If your house is full of junk you will have throw it away. Something you can give to friends or sell via Yula or Avito. It brings some money. Think what do you need in new life? What things can prevent you to improve life? Your house will become a fortress of security for several months. You will come back here to rest, to recover, to believe in yourself. Does the house look like this place now? If not, we will clean it up.

Does your family know?

The people you live with should be aware of the changes that are happening in your life. Children should be ready to prepare breakfasts do homework themselves. Teach members of your family to deal with some of homework by their own.

What about support?

We need our family and people who can support. You need a shoulder to cry on. It seems that the preparation time is long. Yes, it can take several years.
But I regularly see clients who want to change their lives right now and burn out under the pressure of circumstances that pull back. Think of it as building a support.
Try to sit on a chair and then stand up. Did you notice how you leaned on a chair before you got up? It’s like you need more grounding to get up. Now, sit on the edge with one of your knees bent. Now try to stand up. It turned out differently. We are getting down to get up during our life.

What do we do next?

Clearly define the goal and think of steps to reach it. Maybe, before that the goal was a disembodied dream. How can you know that your dream has come true? Write down the criteria to have something to focus on. Even if the goal is an abstract “to improve life“, still write down when you realized that it had really improved.
These criteria can become tasks on the way to the goal. We’ve been going on a trip for a long time and now we have a lot to do. But you can be sure that you have the necessary resources.
Good luck! Take care of yourself.