11 people who got rich unexpectedly

Most millionaires made a fortune due to great efforts they had to put to achieve their goal. One would think it is an indisputable rule of enrichment. But there are people who become rich unexpectedly. The following top 11 proves that it is not necessary to have a remarkable mind, business or to work hard to earn several thousand, or even millions of dollars. A little luck is enough!

1.Philip Ozersky and baseball

P.Ozertsy caught the ball with which M.Mc Gwire obtained his historic 70 home runs record. (Photo by William Greenblatt Photography, L.L.C./Sygma via Getty Images)

Sometimes it’s important to be at the right time and place as Philip Ozersky for example. This lucky caught the ball during a baseball game, while in the stands there were more than 40 thousand spectators! And since the throw belonged to one of the most successful and famous baseball players of the United States, Phil, of course, did not give his trophy back. He managed to sell that very ball at auction for $ 3 million!

2. Eric Lowes and treasure

British Eric Lawes searched for the lost hammer, but he found a collection of millennial coins, jewelry and other items. By the law the lucky man had to give the treasure to the government of the country, however, the man received compensation from the state, which was equal to the cost of the discovery. Thanks to unprecedented luck Eric received about 1.5 million dollars!

3. A resident of Indiana and a picture

Inspect your home carefully, maybe you’re lucky as well as a resident of Indiana? This child of fortune took the furniture and the painting for about $30. He bought this picture just to cover the hole in the wall. The man did not even realize that he bought the work of the artist Martin Johnson Heade instead of usual interior feature. By a happy chance he discovered his luck. Playing a Board game, the American noticed painfully familiar flowers on one of the cards. He took the picture at the Kennedy gallery where it was recognized as an original work of Martin Johnson Heade. This lucky man managed to sell the picture “Magnolias on gold velvet” to the John F. Kennedy center of fine arts for $ 1.25 million!

4. Michael Sparks and the US Declaration of Independence

US Declaration of Independence

The other lucky man was Michael Sparks the US resident. He bought a candlestick, a salt shaker, a pepper-box and yellowed sheet (the US Declaration of Independence) in one of the commission store for about $ 2.5. Later Sparks studied the information about the document and realized that he was the owner of one of the 200 official copies of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, dated 1820. There were only 35 copies, and Sparks bought the 36th, which was put up for auction and sold for $477 650!

5. Elias Ferguson and Newspaper house

The next happy man was a New Yorker Elias Ferguson. He became rich thanks to his debts. Yes, it’s true! He never got rid of his mail and even newspapers. Because of debts he was evicted from the house but he didn’t lose courage and made a little house of newspapers he collected for many years. Just in several hours, tourists crowded around the unusual structure. Then the enterprising American put an inscription in front of the house: “the First house made of the New York Newspapers. Entrance -1 dollar.” So, as you guessed, soon Ferguson was able to buy several mansions!

6. Christopher Koch and bitcoins

Christopher Koch

An incredible story happened to Christopher Koch, a student from Norway. In 2009, during his work on essay on encryption, he drew attention to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The young man bought 5,000 bitcoins for the practical part of his work for only $ 30. The student forgot about his purchase and in 4 years, when he knew about the unreal course of bitcoin, he remembered his successful deal. Suddenly Christopher became the richest man, exchanging bitcoins bought for a penny for almost 885 thousand dollars!

7. Larry Ross and hot dog

You would never believe that a hot dog for $ 2 can enrich you however it’s possible for Larry Ross. At lunch break the man wanted to buy a hot dog but a seller couldn’t give change so Larry had to buy something and it was a lottery ticket. Thanks to that ticket Larry Ross received 90 million dollars!

8. Alex Tew and the million-dollar page

British student Alex Tew has also a fantastic story of becoming rich without any efforts. This man of ideas set up a site that had only one page with a resolving capacity 1000 per 1000 pixels. He began to sell these pixels announced every person could buy one pixel for 1 dollar. Mass media wrote about this opportunistic student and many business representatives learned of it. Realizing that this kind of advertising will be very inexpensive, companies began to buy pixel by pixel. Eventually, Alex sold pixels in six months and made a fortune of 1, 037,000!

By the way, a web page of this British is still active: http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com.

9. David Gonzales and the comics

Sometimes it is useful not to get rid of old stuff! A man of fortune from Minnesota David Gonzalez became the owner of the very first issue of comics about Superman dated 1938 when this character was introduced to public for the first time. David Gonzalez found this comics during the renovation of the old house. The original price of the comics was not so high due to its appearance, however, after the restoration the price soared up to 2 million dollars!

10. Guy Laliberté and “Cirque du Soleil”

Circus exists for ages but only one troupe managed to become famous all over the world. A native of Canada Guy Laliberté began his performances on the street. Having arrived from Quebec circus performer and his successful troupe didn’t expect fabulous fees. Nevertheless, the circus troupe moved to Las Vegas, where they continued performances and became the most famous circus in the world called “Cirque du Soleil”.

As for Laliberté, he became the head of Cirque du Soleil, that allowed him to earn a fortune of 2.5 billion dollars!

11. Samuel Garba and Binary options

Samuel Garba

Samuel was born in the small city, grew up in a poor family, but from an early age he wanted to earn living. He would never have made his way in life but for one occasion. One day he found a phone with a trading program installed on and thanks to it Samuel became a dollar millionaire in a year. You can read more about him here.