How to get rich from scratch at home – TOP 5 tips for beginners + practical examples

How to get rich at home from scratch and without investments? Where to start your way to wealth? What obstacles you will have to overcome? Hello, dear readers of the business journal!

Today we will talk about a very interesting and relevant topic – how to get rich. And we will tell you how to do it in practice. We hope our article will help you to realize fully your creative and commercial potential and gain financial independence!

So, let’s start!

1. How really fast can you become rich at home from scratch? 

First of all, Wealth and welfare are the result of hard work. In rare instances people because reach because of luck. We have already written in one of our article. Of course it’s possible to hit the jackpot but this method does not guarantee that you will be able to save and increase capital.Statistics show that only 5% of people from needy families get rich in future. Majority of people continue living as average folks and it’s not because they have not talent or skill to become rich. It depends on mentality and subconscious

A person holding promises to change his own financial status continues to think like a penniless person who has to raise money tirelessly. 
Can people become rich without rich relatives or favorable terms? Most people who have made their fortune from scratch respond nearly identical – you should firstly change your attitude to wealth and start thinking differently.

First of all, you should take full responsibility for your own life. It sounds simple, but in fact not everyone is capable to do it. To be responsible for your own and your own actions means to stop blaming the authorities, spouse, country, circumstances, origin and other external factors for your failures. When you change your attitude toward the world you will be able to transform yourself. Money is the tangible embodiment of creative and positive thinking. But take money as a tool of getting material benefits. 
We list the personal qualities that can help to turn around the fortunes.

Here are some of them:

  • tenacious movement towards the goal (you must set sights on);
  • responsible attitude to the business, to the duties;
  • the right attitude to failures (we learn from them);
  • ability to prioritize;
  • rational use of your own skills, talents and abilities;
  • using of your life time and resources properly;
  • tranquility and desire to to know yourself and the world around you.

One more thing: it is difficult to gain financial independence, working as employee.

If you want to get high profits you should better work for yourself, or even create a working team and start your own business!

2.What do you really want: to get rich or to be happy?

Of course, material wealth is important and it makes people feel happy and fulfilled.However, wealth is not the only condition for comfort and well-being. Even Karl Marx wrote the welfare of society is evaluated by the amount of citizens free time.

“Wealth is the time that you may spend without working and maintain a comfortable way of living.”

Robert Kiyosaki, famous entrepreneur.

So, first of all we need time as a way to get rich. 
But in a general, a rich man can be called someone who develops successfully in different areas.
Really successful and rich people pay attention to the next points:

  • health;
  • relationship;
  • creative and personal development;
  • -material welfare.

Human happiness is in harmony. If a person is healthy, has the opportunity to embody his own ideas, to have a labor of love, to take rest with family, to communicate with interesting people, he becomes happy. 
At the same time a labor of love must be a way of achieving material well-being.
When work isn’t moral feel good it is hardly possible to talk about personal well-being (even a pay is high).
In other words, you need to choose what you really want (to get rich in every way or to become happy)

Wealth is not the case when the end justifies the means.And this is true because wealth itself does not guarantee happiness, but takes away a person’s health, happy relationships with people he loves,absorbs almost all the time!
Unfortunately, we know examples of people who look unhappy,tired and even disappointed but they are very rich. 
Money requires love, not worship. It should inure to the benefit of humanity. 
It is noticed that people who got rich quickly, without making efforts receive serious psychological traumas and problems.Lottery winners often spend multi-million dollar fortune in a year manage to get into debts, lose all friends, divorce and have a spat with relatives.

But if you are not afraid to win lottery you may know how to do it from our article “how to win lottery”
“Top dollars” need energy and responsibility to which not many people are ready.

Strain after internal harmony. The most important thing is to understand your nature and choose what you want to do in accordance with it.

If you actually realize who you are and what you want from life, understand what makes you happy and how you can be useful to other people — money will come into your life.
Nowadays, thanks to the development of new technologies and the Internet, the opportunities to earn increase.
How to make money on the Internet and get rich without major financial investments, we have already told on the pages of our electronic magazine.
If you are not satisfied with your level of well-being it is worth trying different ways to achieve it, which you find attractive. The more efforts the higher the probability of success.
The main thing is to remember about balance.

3.The main obstacles to get rich and be successful

There’s only one obstacle to get rich – people themselves. When you change the way of thinking you will attract fiscal health. Transformations start small: break the ice and you will see the world around will change.
How to learn thinking like rich people
Talking about creative thinking we mean subconscious attitudes that directly affect on our thoughts and material well-being.
A Canadian specialist in the subconscious mind John Kehoe gives practical recommendations to change mindset in a positive way. You can read his books:
“Money, success and You”,”Mind Power into The 21st Century“,etc.

The other authors (for example Brian Tracy whom we wrote about earlier in our article) say the thought is material. Brian Tracy reveals the secrets of millionaires, teaches to step out of the comfort zone and influence your own subconscious.

Rich dad’s” advice 
Never say,”I can’t afford it.”Instead, ask questions like: “HOW can I afford it?»

By Robert Kiyosaki

And the subconscious will look for answers.
Is the crisis in World an obstacle or a chance to change your life?

How can we get rich in the event of a crisis when the bulk of population ‘s incomes fall, wages are detained, the production is decreasing?
Curiously enough, adversarial circumstances for positive people are added incentive to create. 
From Chinese the word “ crisis ” means “new opportunity”. We hope our hint is clear. 
In extreme and uncomfortable conditions there is no time for procrastination, complaints and regrets. A person desire to change the situation increases when he faces debts or troubles.
The main things in such cases are absence of panic and positive thinking.

4. How to get rich from scratch – TOP 5 practical tips

How can people get rich without investments? How can property sales, stock exchanges, rates, investments help us to be rich? How can a girl, a student,a pensioner acquire financial strength? 
All these questions are matters of private concernment but at the same time they are subject to general rules. 
We want to formulate these rules and present them to our readers as practical advice and recommendations. If you understand how to get rich you will be able to choose the most effective ways to earn money. 

Tip 1. Invest in your education

Education is your future. Practice shows that the skills, knowledge and talents are always in demand. The second question is: how to cash on skills? 
First you need to create an offer and then it will have demand. It is not necessary to leave the house to get additional education or learn something new. We can educate via the Internet. Nowadays there are hundreds of webinars, distance learning programs, courses and seminars online. The network has a lot of FREE information. You just need what you like. 

Tip 2. increase financial awareness

How to raise your financial IQ? There are many scientific papers on this subject.
We highly recommend you the game “cash flow ” by Robert Kiyosaki, which we have written about a great article.

This game teaches the correct money handling and improves financial IQ. Practice helps to solidify knowledge of this subject. You can take your monthly income and try to manage it rationaly.
Eliminate all unnecessary spendings, try to develop a pragmatic attitude to money, read economics books. Try to start saving money regularly.
Form your investment reserves.

Tip 3. Develop your skills 

A person loses a lot of time, doing things that do not satisfy him and do not bring money. Senseless surfing the Internet can be changed to more useful and perspective affairs. For example, if you have literary skills you can try to develop them. Write stories, fairy tales, stories-something that brings you pleasure. You will not notice how this process will take interest in it. If you like the creation maybe it will catch fancy readers. Any personal strengths and creative abilities can be developed and improved if you do it regularly and purposefully. Play guitar (piano, banjo), do yoga, learn foreign languages, attend management, rhetoric or communication courses – all these skills are sure to come in handy.

Tip 4. Master time management

The correct distribution of time (time management)-a skill that is owned by all wealthy people. All millionaires and managers of large companies plan every day, week, month. Do not worry: time management will not turn you into a robot. On the contrary, the right using of time will save you from haste, senseless fuss and unproductive activities.

Tip 5. Form the habits of rich people

If there are wealthy people among your friends and acquaintances – try to communicate with them more often, learn from them. First of all, you need to learn the approach to use your resources: successful people are able to manage their time, talents and skills as efficiently as possible. 
Perhaps they do not work more than an average employee, but get from their activities much more returns.

If you do not have rich friends, read books about successful people, watch movies, develop useful habits, leave the comfort zone as often as possible. You shouldn’t be emotional in terms of money. Use logical thinking and make sense. 
Middle-class people think about the career while the rich are focused on their own business as well as on creating sources of passive income.
John Rockefeller said that the way to large wealth lays through the passive income.
Speaking about the habits of millionaires, we do not mean unreasonable spendings and extravagance. Conversely, they know distance and practice sensible approach to spendings.

The table will help you organize tips and remember them better:

Advice Acts Result
1 Invest in your education Learn smth new and master skills New prospects are opened
2 Increase financial awareness teach the correct money handling Safe money. Form your investment reserves.
3 Develop your skills  Develop and Improve personal strengths, creative abilities. high professionalism
4 Master time management Study to use your time properly Increasing of personal efficiency
5 Form the habits of rich people Communicate with rich people or read books about them Transformation of your thinking

Let the tips become your habits and the result will not be long in coming.

5.Magic and wealth – is it possible to get rich with magic?

We think magic is not the best idea. 
There’s an ancient law that says – “everything in this life has to be paid for.”
So at best you will just waste time, and at worst-you know…
Let’s put aside this low-quality method. No magic can help to get rich if a person is not internally ready to become a wealthy person.
The real magic is transforming of your own subconscious mind and thinking. This “magic” really works, and it is available to everyone for free.
Do not chase rainbows it’s better to read our article about becoming a millionaire. 

6.Movies and books that will help you to get rich

Here are some of them:

-“The secret” – the book by Rhonda Byrne, revealing the secrets of positive thinking and the materialization of our desires, there is also a popular film of the same name.

– “Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki -a book about the benefits of self-improvement and freelance business.

– “Create your own Future”, “Get out of your comfort zone” — Brian Tracy’s books about ways to change life.

– “ The Millionaire Next Door ” written by Thomas Stanley, William Danko.

– “Think and grow rich” is the work of Napoleon Hill, a table-book of many people who have become rich thanks for their own efforts.

– “7 habits of highly effective people” is a practice note by Stephen Covey.

– “Top secret: Wai Roon Pun Lan ” is a film, directed by Songyos Sugakane

– “Pass it on” – Gregory Reed’s film about inspiration and achievement of internal and external wealth:

Try to apply this knowledge in everyday life. Make notes and conclusions about what you have read – this will help to understand the material.

7. Conclusion

Let’s draw conclusions. A person’s wealth is determined by external as well as by internal circumstances. You can change your financial status expending some effort. Developing habits which rich people have and transforming thinking you will get rich. It is possible to get rich from scratch. Bill Gates said: “between the booty and the sofa the dollar will not creep”.

One more quotation in conclusion: “Не is not poor that has little, but he that desires much.”