How to make money without leaving the house. Up-to-date report.

These days when our health is endangered and many people are forced to stay home, the most crucial thing becomes finding additional source of income. The number of unemployed is growing by hundreds of thousands of people daily and this can happen to anyone. People act thoughtlessly absorbed by the fear of losing all the money to survive. It is quite simple to be seduced by the opportunity of getting easy money and fall into the clutches of another scam project..
Our today’s interviewee is a young trader from Lagos. He is only 30 years old and went through a rather long and enlightening path in trading. So meet John.

How much do you get per month now?

I do not really like answering this question, as usual, money loves silence, but I will say this: I have enough, enough for my family and my parents. I indulge myself in anything and live a full life, I like traveling, I love good cars and I have money for all this as well.

Do you work in a team or alone?

I work alone, teamwork is primarily an office, increased responsibility and reports. I prefer flexibility in work. Sometimes I do not trade for weeks, sometimes I trade for days on end. When working in a team, I couldn’t do that.

How long have you been doing this to achieve such results?

I have been engaged in trading for the past five years. There were ups and downs. But I am absolutely sure I made the right decision on becoming a trader. At first, there were several unlucky times when I ran into unscrupulous brokers who just ditched me. Fortunately, I did not have time to deposit much money, and I didn’t have that much then. Then I found several reputable brokers who provide everything I need to trade. Now I trade solely with Olymp Trade. This is my best broker. They have a great fast platform, great tutorial. Yes, if someone thinks that he will immediately make a profit when starting trading, he is wrong. Trading is also a job to learn.

You mentioned unscrupulous brokers, could you recommend our readers how not to hit those paws?

Yes of course! To get started, forget about such sites as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code, etc. They usually use videos with famous people and loud statements about fabulous earnings on their landing pages. But as soon as you sign up and enter your phone number, you will immediately get calls with offers to make a deposit. If you make a deposit, you will never see your money again. Remember, trading is not easy money. In general, I would advise to start working only with trusted brokers, then when you learn how to trade, you can choose what is best for you.
Remember, a good broker will never call you and ask for the largest possible deposit.

Do you have enough free time to live for pleasure, to be with your family, to pursue a hobby?

Absolutely! I don’t understand why you need such work that deprives you of all this? What the purpose of life then? Now many are quarantined and millions have lost the opportunity to earn. And my work is always with me. My laptop is all I need for comfortable trading, but sometimes I can even trade on my smartphone app, it’s also convenient. In the middle of the day, we can go on a picnic and right by the barbecue I can pull off several profitable deals that will provide me for the whole week. And this week I may not work at all, I shall spend time with my family or riding my car.

When did you realize that you can make big money on this business?

At the moment when I lost my first 10 $. I could leave it all, but something clicked inside my head and I spent a week watching training lessons, studying strategies. And in two weeks, I had a more or less clear picture of what was happening. And then practice, practice, and practice. In general, the most important is not to give up at the very beginning.

Were there any failures in business?

Of course. Once I made a risky deal, then succumbed to the excitement and lost the entire deposit. But money can be fixed if you keep a sober head. Therefore, I reviewed my money management and I did not have such serious failures since.

What’s next? What prospects do you see for yourself?

Now there are wonderful opportunities opening up for those who are in trading or want to try themselves in it. Oil is not stable, stocks are falling, exchange rates are jumping back and forth. But for trading, now is the golden time, because our earnings are based precisely on course changes. I repeat once again, put off your favorite series and try yourself in trading, the minimum deposit is just $ 10. But this $ 10 can change your whole life, do not be afraid to open up to something new.

Are there any secrets to success that you can share? What would you recommend to a novice trader?

The main secrets of success lie in studying all the training materials on the broker’s website, trying trading on a demo account and not giving in to excitement. Trading has nothing to do with gambling. And I strongly recommend to study the so-called Money Management and strictly follow it, this will allow you not to drain your first deposit in a few minutes. Well, if this happens, do not despair, try again, giving it more thought. Well, I wish you all success and do not get sick.

John, thank you very much from us and our readers for this interview and for revealing some secrets. From ourselves we want to wish you good luck.
Summing up, I would like to once again warn everyone against registering in scam projects, trust only certified brokers and millions of active traders. We join John’s recommendation and advise you to turn your attention to Olymp Trade.