How to motivate yourself in the morning

7 ways to motivate yourself in the morning. There are days when everything goes smoothly, and we easily cope with the tasks. And there are days when even the simplest things are complicated. We barely get through the work and breathe a sigh of relief when the day comes to an end. Anyone has these days in life and we are no exception. Bad days, unfortunately, are inevitable. But the “good morning” sets the tone for the whole day and makes it easier to cope with troubles, if such happen.
We have collected for you seven tips on how to start the good day and increase productivity.

1. Wake up early

If you are not an early bird, this advice is not for you.
But according to researches people who wake up early are much more active, better able to anticipate and minimize problems, making them more successful in the business world. It is not surprise that some world-famous entrepreneurs wake up early. 
Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, wakes up at 5:30 to meditate and go for a morning jog. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wakes up at 4:30, works out at the gym, and manages to get to work by 6 am. Stephen Reinemund, the head of Pepsi, wakes up at 5:30 holding a newspaper.

 They’re not alone. Of course, the earlier you wake up, the more things you have time to do, but this is not the only advantage. Most successful people in the morning do things that are not directly related to their work, but that help them to be more effective during the working day. 

Tip: can the alarm clock wake you up? No? Put your phone down or set the alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

2. Have a hearty Breakfast

Never miss Breakfast. Research shows that Breakfast gives you strength and energy and reduces the level of cortisol that causes stress hormone, the maximum activity of which falls in the morning hours.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it affects almost every aspect of your existence, including physical and mental performance. It is also the most nutritious meal of the day — a hearty Breakfast will reduce your appetite throughout the day and, as a result, reduce the amount of calories consumed daily. Breakfast greatly affects your mental activity and ability to concentrate.

If you skip Breakfast or limit yourself to a light snack, the feeling of hunger will prevent you from focusing on the tasks, and you are more likely to snack with harmful food during the day.

Interesting fact: The Kellogg Company, a well-known American manufacturer of Breakfast cereal and fast food, conducted a survey on Breakfast, which was attended by more than 14 thousand Americans. The results of the survey showed that more than half (54%) of the respondents would like to have Breakfast every day, but only 34% of them really found time for the morning meal. They should follow our first advice and get up early 
Nutritious breakfast is good and a healthy nutritious Breakfast is even better. 
Website identified 20 products that are best for Breakfast: 
oat flakes and porridge, Greek yogurt, wheat germ, grapefruit, bananas, eggs, almond oil, watermelon, flax seeds, blueberries, strawberries, coffee, tea, cantaloupe, kiwi, orange juice, cranberry juice, raspberry and whole grain bread.

Try different combinations of foods to improve your diet and increase your productivity. And if you run out of ideas, you can look for healthy Breakfast recipes on the Internet.

3. Optimize your sleep

Perhaps you had to optimize your website, but did you know that sleep can also be optimized? You’ve probably heard about sleep phases, but let’s take a closer look at them. Slow phase sleep occurs immediately after falling asleep and lasts 80-90 minutes. It is divided into four stages:

  • 1) We are in a state of slumber – muscle activity, the respiratory and heart rate are reduced, the eyes can make slow movements.
  • 2) The stage of light sleep, muscle activity is more reduced, the eyes are motionless and there is a loss of consciousness. 
  • 3) Slow sleep.
  • 4) Innermost slow sleep. It is time of 80% dreams and it is very difficult to wake a person. In addition it’s time of sleepwalking, nightmares and somniloquy but the sleeper remembers almost nothing of this.

Fast sleep, or the fifth phase of sleep, follows slow sleep and lasts 10-15 minutes.
The person is completely motionless, but at the same time makes fast movements with eyes. There are the most vivid dreams at the time of fast dream and if you wake up the sleeper during this stage, in 90% of cases he will be able to describe in detail, what he dreamed of. 
If you Wake a person during a slow sleep, he will be absent-minded and inhibited for some time. 
Not the best recipe for a successful morning, is it?
On the other hand, the REM phase is considered to be the most favorable time for awakening. Let’s suppose you need to wake up at 6am. How to wake up and not to feel broken in the morning?

There are applications and calculators for this.
For example, calculator will help you to calculate time what it is better to go to bed to wake up at 6 am, or Vice versa — what time it is better to set the alarm if you go to bed right now. 
If your English is bad, you can try other calculators which must motivate you.
Remember that we do not fall asleep immediately after we go to bed and close our eyes (if you manage to fall asleep right away, we envy you!). Usually it takes about 40 minutes to fall asleep, so keep this in mind when setting the alarm. If you do not want to constantly reset the alarm, you can use a special application that will change all the settings for you. For example: Sleep Cycle (which is available for Android and iOS). There are also a lot of special gadgets that can help you wake up. 
For example, some fitness trackers and smart watches can track your sleep phases and Wake you up with vibration without disturbing your family members or neighbors who want to sleep longer. 
Interestingly, this technology has been used by deaf people for years. We’ve tried fitness up bracelets from Jawbone and Mi Band from Xiaomi, but there are plenty of other options at different prices and with different feature sets. 

4. Do sports

Regular exercise brings many benefits. Sport helps you:
– Lose weight and keep it normal;
– To combat disease and poor health; 
– Improve mood by stimulating different chemical processes in the brain;
– To be up and doing ; 
– To feel more confident; 
– To sleep better. 
If you do exercises in the morning, during the working day you will be more focused. But if you do not want to sacrifice precious hours of morning sleep, you can go in for sports at any time you want — in any case, it will reduce the level of stress and make you more confident. 
There are many gadgets that will help you in training — from simple pedometer or heart monitors to complex programs and devices that monitor your health and give you personalized advice.

Above, we have already mentioned Jawbone fitness tracker.
In addition to tracking sleep phases, it can also monitor your heart health, various physical activities, and more, and use this information to give you health and exercise advice. The longer you wear this bracelet, the smarter your “personal trainer” becomes.

If your motivation of doing sports is not strong you may try to negotiate with friends or colleagues.
You can challenge each other-for example, who will take more steps in a day, or who will burn more calories in the gym. 
For example, Jawbone has a duel mode, and the application for Mi Band has the ability to view data on the physical activity of your friends by reading a special barcode. So you can be sure that your opponent will not deceive you. If you are not a fan of gyms or if your area is not suitable for run, you can do sports at home. You can find training programs on YouTube or try the 30 days Fitness plan app for Android and iOS. The application has training programs of different levels of difficulty and for different muscle groups, with instructions and voice audio. You don’t even need to buy sports equipment. Of course, it would not hurt to buy a mat for fitness, if you do not want to do exercises on the bare floor or carpet.

5. Find your inner motivation

Even if you like your work or have interesting plans for the near future, it can be difficult to motivate yourself every day, especially in the morning.
Work on internal motivation. It is a type of motivation where the driving force is something within the person, not external influences or incentives (such as money, rewards or be appreciated by others). To do this, try to think about what it means to perform a specific task, what benefits it will bring to your company or your business, and how doing the tasks can help you to gain new skills or improve existing ones. 
If you are an entrepreneur, you should remind yourself why you have opened your own business.

Set personal goals, consider different ideas and try to enjoy what you do. Internal rewards (positive emotions like a sense of satisfaction or joy from another professional achievement) work much better than encouraging yourself with something tangible like shopping or a delicious dinner.

6. Meditate

Meditation is another great way to improve your health. Even if you think that meditation is not for you, there are several reasons to try:

Meditation reduces stress. Many articles and scientific works have been written about the negative impact of stress on our lives. Meditations make you more focused so you won’t lose the thread of conversation while chatting with friends, family, colleagues or clients.

Thanks to meditation, you can at least take a short break from the background noise in your head (negative thoughts, anxieties, etc.).

It is quite simple to meditate. Just find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position. You can sit on the floor, on a pillow or Mat, or even on a chair, the main thing is to keep your back straight. When you have found a comfortable and steady position, focus your attention on breathing. Breathe in, breathe out…

After a while (a few minutes and sometimes seconds) your attention will start to move from breathing to other things. Then you should focus on breathing again. That’s basically it.

Even if you have little free time, remember: it is better to meditate a little than not to meditate at all. Try to meditate for 5 or 10 minutes a day and increase your meditation time gradually. There are other meditation techniques that may be more suitable for you.

Well, what do we do without apps? There are also special applications for meditation. For example, Headspace can teach you different techniques of meditation for all occasions. But the application has paid content and all lessons are available only in English. There is also Ensō, special (and that’s nice, free!) timer for meditation.

If you are uncomfortable meditating in silence, you can use various sites and applications to play relaxing sounds and melodies. For example, the Noisli site can play for you a mix of different sounds (nature sounds or not), and you can control the volume of each sound. Noisli also has apps for Android and iOS (they are paid, but quite affordable).

For lovers of piano sounds there is a Solo Piano Radio website, where you can listen to pleasant melodies around the clock. Actually, your meditation can be interrupted by a short advertisement in the free version.

Tip: Many people worry about “wrong” meditation because of getting distracted constantly. But each person’s meditation is different, so there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” meditation.

7. Do something for yourself

If you are an entrepreneur, remember why you have opened your business. Perhaps, did you want to spend more time with your children, or travel more, or go to the sea every day? Whatever your goal is, make sure you really bring it to life.

Research shows that happy employees are 12% more productive. Therefore, many companies spend money on team building exercises and create places for rest in offices, and some also hire massage therapists or “happiness” trainers. But even if you work for yourself, you can do without coaches or exercises to improve mood and productivity.

Just spend a little time for yourself in the morning. For example, you can read another Chapter of an exciting book, watch an interesting video, check out updates on your favorite blog, or just eat a delicious (and nutritious! see 2 point) breakfast. If you take a little time to improve your life, it will have a positive impact on your business. Maybe, if you are not an early bird and after reading our tips you are still skeptical. But try to follow them and perhaps at least one of the tips will help you to make the morning hours more bearable.

Maybe we missed something and you know another way to motivate yourself in the morning.