Tuk Tuk driver from Mumbai earned $50000

Jamal Malik earns $ 260 every day, working at home on the computer. He claims there is an opportunity to earn more than $500 by computer. The secret of success is that there are no secrets. The main character of this story is a simple hard worker, a Tuk Tuk driver from Mumbai. From a young age Jamal Malik worked on the watch system but at 25 years he had to sit behind the wheel due to injury. An old Tuk Tuk brought his family only the minimum necessary.

He had no thoughts about work using the Internet until he watched a video about making money on Fixed Time Trading. He hardly found the same site, filled out a simple registration form and his life changed. We accidentally found a Facebook Maliks’s post where he wrote about his earning money on the Internet and decided to publish a story about this decisive man.

A cheerful, friendly voice answered the phone. He answered the questions willingly and without any shadow of a doubt:

Malik: “I used to play lotteries, slot machines and IN Bet Bookmaker, which is now everywhere, but I realized quickly that all this is a money grab. Then I accidentally found a video about binary options – there the guy tells how you can make money on options, I searched the Internet and hardly found the same site options, registered, replenished the account for $ 50.

I began to do as in the video and could not believe my eyes when my $ 50 “turned to” $ 210. Now I earn at least $8,000 a month.

At my old job I wouldn’t earn this sum even in a year. I spent all the daylong as Tuk Tuk driver and now I work 2-3 hours a day!

I do not go to work for a year, enjoy my life, travel – because I can work anywhere using the Internet and the main thing is to take a computer with”.

Journalist Ananya: “- Malik tell me what is your goal in life now?”

Malik: “-My life has completely changed, and the goals in life have certainly changed… Now I’m going to start a business, but to be honest I’m even lazy, because I have to do something, and I got used to easy money, I do not even know…I will enjoy a good life.”

Journalist Ananya: “- How hard is it to make money on options?”

Malik: “-There are no difficulties anyone can do it, the main thing is to do everything according to the video and you need to remember — this is not a game. Light-minded people shouldn’t even try to trade. But even Tuk Tuk driver can earns money.”

Journalist Ananya: “- Will you allow us to publish a link of the website where you earn money? Or is it only your earnings and you don’t want to share?”

Malik: “- No problem, of course I will leave you a link. Let them earn while they can, it’s a freebie. “

Journalist Ananya: “- Thank you Malik, former Tuk Tuk driver, for this time.”

Earlier, only friends can be happy for him and follow his example, but now with his permission we present this story to the general public.

In about 2-3 days you will receive your first transfer to your Bank account or e-wallet. (Your first income can be about $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. Later your income will grow. It will depend on your experience.)